7 Reasons You Should Move to Whitby, Ontario

By: Jason and Andre Ferris

7 Reasons You Should Move to Whitby, Ontario

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Home to the Durham Region headquarters, Whitby is a popular commuter suburb in the Greater Toronto Area that has quickly grown into an urban, economic hub. The town is quickly expanding both in terms of population and facilities, as more and more people realize its growth potential. Numerous infrastructure-development projects are currently underway or waiting in the pipeline.


Thinking of moving to a new community? Tired of the lacklustre ways in which your current city or town treats you and the family? Interested in living it up in a well-equipped, accessible and friendly neighbourhood? Moving to Whitby might make the most sense for you and your family.

But why?

Because everything about Whitby is phenomenal, that's why. But don't just take our word for it. See for yourself. Listed below are the top-seven of the several things that make Whitby the choice of smart homeowners.

1. Whitby is one of Canada's best places to live

Literally. The 2014 issue of MoneySense Magazine included Whitby in its list of the Best Places to Live in Canada. Notice how it's not just the Ontario province, but all of Canada. If that's not a great reason to move to a city, then what is?

Whitby outranked several prominent cities in the category of medium-sized cities with total population ranging between 100,000 and 400,000, to win the spot. Move to Whitby and you'll see just why.

2. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds

Whitby is perhaps the only town in the Durham Region where small-town charm meets big-city luxuries in a masterful blend to provide townees the best of tradition and modernity. Whitby has seen numerous facelifts since the early 1990s, which is easily evident in the modern infrastructure, layout and amenities. Despite this, it continues to retain the relaxed, genuine and unpretentious vibe of small towns. If there are tall buildings and expansive shopping malls, there also are plenty of cute shops and snug spots.

3. You get to enjoy a superb quality of life

Whitby bike trailsThanks to the slew of small-town goodness interlaced with all the amenities and facilities of big cities, the quality of life in Whitby is superb. The town is progressive, yet laid-back. People, neighbourhoods, and governments are strongly connected to their communities. There's deep respect for individual and collective identity. Education, healthcare and employment opportunities are plentiful. The list of what's great about living in Whitby just goes on and on!

4. Whitby is easy on your pockets

While the quality of living is high in Whitby, the cost of living is comparatively low. Whether it's the town's rental or real-estate market, transportation and other basics of city living, such as utilities, shoes, clothing, education and more or it's the additional facilities such as sports, leisure, eating out at restaurants and so on – Whitby is your pocket's best friend.

5. And so is the house/apartment you choose to live in

Think real-estate can never be pocket-friendly in a progressive neighbourhood? Think again! Whitby offers great deals on rentals and purchases, which are significantly cheaper than what you will find in Toronto and other progressive cities.

The choice of housing is also varied. You can choose from a large array of options, ranging from studio apartments and town-homes or condos to large, two-storey homes with two attached garages. In Whitby, the possibilities are just numerous.

6. The location is spot-on

407 ETR EastNot only is Whitby massively cheaper than Toronto, it is also close enough for daily commute to Toronto and other key cities. South Whitby provides easy access to the 401. Brooklin, which is a hamlet of Whitby provides easy access to the 407. Thanks to affordable transportation and zero to minimal congestion, travelling via public or private transport to different communities inside or outside of the Greater Toronto Area is a breeze.


7. And, finally there's so much to do in Whitby

Whitby waterfront a good place for the family to ride their bikes.For the small, charming town that it actually is, Whitby has an unusually high density of centres for arts and culture, sports and recreation. It is home to the largest municipally-owned complex for sports and recreation – the famous Iroquois Park Sports Centre. Men and women, girls and boys of all abilities, including the differently-abled people can have a gala time at the Abilities Centre, which is an athletic facility and recreation centre.

The town holds numerous events around the year, including Heritage Day, Art in the Park, Music in the Park, Harbour Day, Doors Open Heritage Tour, Harvest Festival, and the Whitby County Town Carnival to name a few.