4 Things That Could Cause Home Buyers to Walk Away

By: Jason and Andre Ferris

4 Things That Could Cause Home Buyers to Walk Away

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So you're thinking of selling your house?  I’m sure you have made your list of to-do’s that include cleaning, decluttering, painting and staging.  All very important things I would recommend you do in order to get your house sold for top dollar.  I would also ask you to consider these 4 often overlooked items.

1. Air Quality

Selling your home? 4 Things that could cause home buyers to walk awayHere you would want to consider when your home was built, any water issues or if you have seen any mold or mildew.  All of these are major contributors to the quality of the air in your home and could easily scare off any buyer.

2. Odor

Odour is often a sensitive subject for a Realtor to bring up to their client.  No one wants to hear that their home stinks but a smelly home may be a home that sits on the market for days.  Some tips to ensure you home smells as good as it looks is:

Air deodorizers are very popular and easy, just plug it in.  Although it can be very effective you want to make sure that it’s not overpowering.

3. Pets

If you are like me you have a furry creature living with you.  Pets are family members but they are members of the family that may prevent you from not selling your home unless you consider the following:

4. Holidays

What time of the year will you be selling?  Will there be any decorations?  If the answer is yes you may want to keep them to a minimum.  Also, I would remove all decorations immediately after the holiday.  Remember, buyers will come to your house and try to imagine living there.  If your home decorations are overwhelming and not to their taste it could scare them off.

Following these simple but often overlooked items may help you sell your home faster and for more money.

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