4 Things To Do Right Now To Sell Your Home This Spring

By: Jason and Andre Ferris

4 Things To Do Right Now To Sell Your Home This Spring

Tags: Tips to sell your house

Is home-selling on your agenda for this year? You might be thinking that spring is the ideal time to start getting your home in shape for the impending sale. But the truth is that you can do a lot in the months that lead up to the actual sale in the spring season.

1. Find a credible real estate agent

It is extremely important to hire an experienced real estate agent since home selling has changed a lot in the last couple of years. It requires adequate knowledge and the right skills for successful deals. A professional Realtor will be able to identify the best features of a property and this will allow you to highlight and market those features for a quick sale.

2. Inspection and repair

A home inspection prior to sale is extremely important. Even after such an inspection, the home inspector of the buyer will be able to point out things that require repair and issues which need to be tackled. But if you are proactive, you will be able to identify all the potential faults that might lead to a deal-breaking situation. This allows you to make changes to your budget and time-line accordingly.

When you conduct a home inspection before sale, you can sit down with the real estate agent and prioritize the things that need attention. With repairs, it is important to remember that it is less expensive to replace or repair something upfront as compared to waiting for a buyer to inform you about an unidentified issue.

3.  Cleaning

Declutter declutter declutter.  Take the time to do it right.  The winter months people tend to hibernate so what better time to be inside and declutter.  Taking the time now to get rid of unwanted items now will allow you to focus on other issues in the spring, such as where you want to move to next. Clean your windows to let the natural light in. It will instantly brighten up your home. Check if there are any marks on the wall that need touch-ups and wipe the cabinets as well. Paint if necessary.  You’re better off doing it now rather than waiting until the spring where you could be enjoying the outside.  Also remember to wash curtains, dust the blinds and organize closets.

4.  Research on pricing

All home sellers make an entry into the market with a pre-decided number and a price at which they need to sell for a “break even” situation. It is good to have these numbers defined but before putting a price on your home, it is important for you to do a complete market research. You can do this with the help of your agent to arrive at the true worth of your property in the existing market.  Once you get a market evaluation on your home, make sure your Realtor does another one right before you list your home to make sure the market hasn’t changed.