5 Tips For An Easier Move To Your New Home

By: Jason and Andre Ferris

5 Tips For An Easier Move To Your New Home

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Moving to a new home can be a frenzy. You get the call from you’re real estate salesperson and learn that the offer you put in on that amazing house that fits you perfectly was accepted. Amid all the joy and celebration, the realization sets in that you need to prepare for a big move! Buying a home doesn’t end with your deal going firm. The real grunt work is just about to begin. Here are a few tips to help get you into your new home efficiently and with a lot less stress:


1.  Plan Ahead And Make A List

It works for Santa Claus and it will work for you too. Lists will keep you organized and on schedule. Your move will sneak up on you faster than you expect. Having tasks and responsibilities laid out ahead of time will make things run much smoother and limit your moving stress. Lucky for you we have included one for you .

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2.  Get Your Packing Supplies Early

As you gaze around the home you are about to leave, you begin to take inventory of your stuff. And there’s lots of it. Packing it all up carefully and quickly requires some ingenuity on your part but if you are proactive, there will be minimal need to pay for packing supplies. If you plan in advance, you can start to collect newspapers. Your neighbours all throw them out eventually so scavenging for these great protective insulators is just a matter of time. In terms of the boxes you’ll need to pack all your gear, visiting your local grocery or liquor store should be your first stop. Boxes are always available and generally, they are sturdy enough to handle anything you can put in them. Be aware of the boxes condition as any water damage on the box may weaken its integrity and give out on you. Make sure you label what’s in each box to help you unpack in your new home. Dusting and cleaning all of it before you pack will save you that chore when you get into your new home and start unpacking. Finally, sealing the box, with shipping tape, is important for keeping out dirt and moisture, particularly if you are storing them somewhere out of the way in advance of your big move.

3.  Understand Your Truck Rental Agreement

Many people look to truck rentals to help them lug their belongings to the new home. Be sure to read the contract and understand what you are paying for.  You might think you are paying $19.99 until you add the 24 cents per km on top of that.  Also, it is a good idea to go ahead and take the insurance.  Most people are not used to driving a big truck so you never know.  Finally, if you are moving a distance away be sure to check out the cost to drop off the truck to a new location by your new home, it may actually be cheaper than driving it all the way back.

4.  Hire Professional Cleaners

It is a good idea to hire professional cleaners to clean your new home and chances are if you plan it right, they can do it while you are in the process of moving.  After a long day of moving heavy boxes and appliances, the last thing you want to do is clean.  Most cleaning companies will have a “new home” cleaning package where they will clean your floors, bathrooms, cupboards, closets and carpets.  There is nothing like arrive to your new home smelling and looking squeaky clean.

5.  Donate

We all have things in our home that we just don’t need but still can’t find a way to let them go.  Maybe donating them will make you feel a little better and save you the aggravation of having to move them another location where they will once again collect dust. If you live in the Durham Region, The Salvation Army https://thriftstore.ca/ is a great place for used clothes and if you are looking to donate any household items try the Durham chapters of  Habitat for Humanity for Humanity Restore https://www.habitat.ca/.